The Production is performed by our highly trained expert team of scientist and physicians in our GMP-certified production facility in accordance with the national and international authorities (clean room, process, equipment).

The extraction of highly potent mesenchymal stem cells from adipose tissue is a high-tech procedure utilizing state-of-the-art technology.

First, adipose tissue is harvested via liposuction by our specially trained physicians in one of our collection centers under local anesthesia. The risk associated with general anesthesia is omitted. Subsequently, the stem cells are being isolated under sterile conditions as per a standardized, well-established and tested procedure. For our product Oxacells CAL, the stem cells are subsequently mixed with a small part of the extracted adipose tissue. As a result of this enrichment, the properties of Oxacells CAL are drastically improved when compared to the conventional fat cell transplantation. Further purification (short-term cultivation) of the extracted stem cells results in Oxacells HP (high purity). HP is a highly potent medicinal product for the treatment of osteoarthritis in various joints. Our latest development is Oxacells CULT, a platform technology intended for allogenicenic therapies. Due to the excellent proliferative capacity, ASCs can be expanded (almost) indefinitely. This facilitates the medical treatment of thousands of patients with a single liposuction from a single donor. In comparison to similar products, our carefully balanced formulation (patent pending) greatly extends the shelf-life of CULT at 4°C. This allows worldwide supply without the need for additional manipulation (thawing/ elimination of cryoprotectants etc.) at the site of treatment.

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