Welcome to Germany's leading manufacturer of stem cell-containing pharmaceuticals derived from adipose tissue. Our focus is the development and production of personalized medicinal products. We make stem cell therapies accessible to everyone.

The concept of regenerative medicine is based on the functional recovery of damaged tissues and organs. Adult stem cells can specialize into various cell types whenever needed and stimulate the body’s own regeneration and repair processes. Due to these unique features, they are the bearer of hope for regenerative therapies.

To realize our vision of regenerative medicine, we at Oxacell AG have developed an innovative extraction procedure for highly potent, mesenchymal stem cell out of adipose (fatty) tissue – of course in accordance with the national and international authorities. Furthermore, we are working with university clinics and hospitals to specifically tailor our stem cell products to distinct applications and disease. read more

All our products are manufactured to the highest quality standards in strict accordance with the regulations of the national and European medicines agencies. The harvesting procedure for the adipose tissue is performed in our certified collection centers by specially trained physicians. Our team of highly qualified scientists in research and development works to continuously expand our product line. read more

Stem cells – a gift of nature. Every time cells within our body age or die, they have to be replaced. Hematopoietic cells e.g. have a very short lifetime and are renewed on a daily basis. Acute situations such as accidents involving injuries of tissues (e.g. cuts, punctures) on the other hand call for immediate and fast tissue renewal. For all these cases, nature has implemented a repair instrument: the stem cells. read more

The medical potential of therapeutic stem cells is virtually inexhaustible, e.g. in form of personalized medicinal products for individual therapies. Additionally, stem cell-based off-the-shelf pharmaceuticals are developped for the treatment of several diseases. This significantly reduces production costs and makes stem cell therapies accessible to almost every patient. Oxacell AG provides effective solutions for all applications. read more

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